This business unit was established to combine new technologies, business ecosystems and its deep understanding of human behaviour to help clients become more financially well.

Client Engagement Solutions will be instrumental in creating a superior client experience and will use the deep client understanding of MMI’s segment businesses as its point of reference to achieve this goal. In turn, the segment businesses will rely on Client Engagement Solutions for client experience and financial wellness solutions to improve the relationship with customers in their segments.

The Client Engagement Solutions business uses compelling rewards to drive client behaviour that improves financial wellness and increases the value of existing clients. Our Multiply Rewards programme offers clients excellent discounts on products and services from more than 40 well-known brands. It offers participants in the programme the opportunity to save money on gym memberships, fitness assessments, travel and leisure, gadgets and online shopping.

We have also teamed up with Unisa to launch The Momentum Household Financial Wellness Index and The Momentum Household Net Wealth Report – a first of its kind for South Africa.

How Multiply clients benefited during the past 12 months:

Partner rewards
Filled 356 Mango planes (R20.9 million savings)
R17 million cumulative savings at Dis-Chem
R7.83 million in online shop savings
Product rewards
R114.5 million benefit to life insurance clients (10% to 60% discount)
R26.7 million benefit received by Momentum Health clients (up to R5 400 per annum in HealthReturns)
66% of our members that have a Healthy Heart Score scored perfectly
One product more than non-Multiply members
Wellness facilities and tracking
3 555 137 gym visits tracked
8 170 870 health activities tracked
1 853 474 749 financial wellness points earned
R3.8 million worth of Pro Shop and CycleLab vouchers purchased
Members claim 19% less on Momentum Health