For MMI, innovation is:

  • Core to our vision and purpose
  • One of our values
  • A key enabler

MMI launched its innovation programme, MMIgnite towards the end of 2014. MMIgnite is a social-based collaborative approach to innovation where all employees are encouraged to put forward new ideas to stimulate innovation throughout the organisation.

The MMI Innovation agenda is linked to its three key strategic focus areas of growth, client centricity and excellence.

By focusing our innovation agenda on our strategic objectives we can ensure:

  • Client satisfaction
  • Product and service innovation
  • New and improved ways of doing things
  • Profitability through increased revenue and cost savings
  • Growth

What we have done to date

We have mobilised and energised a large proportion of our employees to use the MMIgnite software platform to log their innovation ideas, and rank and comment on other employees’ ideas. A number of these ideas are already being implemented. This is a significant achievement in a very short time and it is very encouraging to see the value already being created through our innovation focus, by tapping into the creative minds of each and every employee.